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'Riverdale' News & Update: Raul Castillo Joins Cast; Season 1 Premiere Date; Jughead Is Asexual? [VIDEO]

Oct 20, 2016 AM EDT Raul Castillo will be joining the cast of The CW's "Riverdale," and the series could premiere in 2017. Season 1 could explore Jughead's asexuality.

'Justice League' Gets An 8-Bit Movie Trailer, Courtesy Of 'JoBlo' [VIDEO]

Sep 19, 2016 PM EDT The "Justice League" trailer from the 2016 San Diego Comic Con has just received an 8-bit makeover. The 8-bit trailer is part of the "JoBlo 8-bit movie trailer" series on YouTube.

‘The Flash’ Season 3 News & Updates: Kevin Smith Wants To Adapt 'Gentleman Ghost' As A Villain In The CW Series [VIDEO]

Sep 14, 2016 PM EDT Director Kevin Smith wants to bring the classic DC villain, "Gentleman Ghost" into "The Flash" series. Smith shares an instagram post campaigning for Gentleman Ghost.

'Wolverine 3' Update: 'Mister Sinister' Is Confirmed To Appear In the Hugh Jackman Film; Teaser Trailer Is Coming Soon [VIDEO]

Sep 13, 2016 PM EDT "Mister Sinister" is confirmed to be one of the villains that will appear in "Wolverine 3." Director James Mangold tweeted out when the teaser trailer will be out.

'Birth of the Dragon' Bruce Lee Film Is Set To Open Globally [VIDEO]

Sep 13, 2016 PM EDT "Birth of the Dragon" is eyed to open in global theaters after being showcased at the "2016 Toronto International Film Festival." The director and the producer both believe that this era's moviegoers ...

'Apple MacBook Pro' Update: Apple CEO hinted at new 2016 MacBook Pro; but the Apple Notebook might be delayed until 2017 [VIDEO]

Sep 12, 2016 PM EDT Apple CEO, Tim Cook hinted at bringing back the MacBook Pro with Apple fans expecting it by the end of 2016. But certain reports say that a 2017 launch may be the case.

'Samsung' Issues Global Recall of 'Galaxy Note 7' Due To Exploding Batteries; The U.S. Bans Samsung Devices On Planes.

Sep 12, 2016 PM EDT Samsung issues a global recall on all "Galaxy Note 7" phablets, because of reported exploding batteries incident. The U.S. goverment has banned bringing Note 7s on planes.

‘Gotham’ Season 3 Spoilers: Bruce Wayne Will Meet The Court Of Owls; 'Peguin's' New Plan Revealed [VIDEO]

Sep 11, 2016 AM EDT New sneak peek trailers have been released for season 3 of "Gotham." The 2 mini trailers give viewers glimpses into what awaits Bruce Wayne and "The Penguin" in the upcoming season 3 premiere of the ...

'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: New Extended 'Time Strikes Back' Trailer has been released; 'Mirror Master' will debut in Season 3. [VIDEO]

Sep 11, 2016 AM EDT An extended version of the "Time Strikes Back" trailer reveals new plot points about the upcoming season 3 of "The Flash." The villain "Mirror Master" has been confirm to debut in season 3.

'American Gods' News: 'Lost' actor cast to play 'Jesus Christ' in upcoming Starz series. [VIDEO]

Sep 10, 2016 AM EDT Showrunner finally finds their "Jesus" in the upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman's "American Gods." Will the addition of the religious icon make the series more controversial than it already is?

'Batman' News: Joe Manganiello has been cast as 'Deathstroke; Manganiello send out tweet to confirm it. [VIDEO]

Sep 09, 2016 AM EDT After a rumor-filled week, fans' fantasy casting finally came true. Actor Joe Manganiello has been cast for the role of Deathstroke, with a resounding confirmation from Geoff Johns ...

'Arrow' Season 5 Rumors & Spoilers: 'Olicity' not happening in Season 5; Berlanti speaks up on the absence of the 'Suicide Squad' in the Arrow-verse. [VIDEO]

Sep 09, 2016 AM EDT Fans of "Olicity" might be disappointed this upcoming season of the CW's "Arrow. Showrunner also speak up about the absence of the "Suicide Squad" within the "Arrow-verse."

'Supergirl' Season 2 News & Spoilers: Jeremy Jordan's character will experience a big change; Why is Winn leaving CatCo? [VIDEO]

Sep 09, 2016 AM EDT Showrunner of "Supergirl" has revealed that one of their character will experience a change in employment in season 2. Jeremy Jordan's character could possible be headed to the D.E.O..

'iOS 10' News: Apple will make 'iOS 10' available this September; Possible 'iOS 10' early problems and solutions [VIDEO]

Sep 08, 2016 PM EDT Apple has recently unveiled the new "iOS 10." Like every early versions, problems can be encountered, but Apple's early launch of the beta may create early fixes.

'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Carlos Valdes Teases the Musical Episodes; Big Changes to Cisco Ramon in 'Flashpoint.'[Video]

Sep 08, 2016 PM EDT Carlos Valdes teases fans about the upcoming musical crossover episodes of "The Flash" and "Supergirl," while making an appearance at Dragon Con this Labor Day Weekend. He also states the big change ...

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