'Arrow' Season 5 Rumors & Spoilers: 'Olicity' not happening in Season 5; Berlanti speaks up on the absence of the 'Suicide Squad' in the Arrow-verse. [VIDEO]


With season 5 just around the corner, fans of "Olicity" might be disappointed with the coming season. Arrow is going back to basic, and with the absence of the Suicide Squad which are the most grounded villains that the Green Arrow has fought, so far - there are rumors circulating that Berlanti pulled the plug on the Squad because of Ayer's recent film.

After the events of season 4 of "Arrow," the Arrow team is now only comprised of Oliver and Felicity. They will be the on two left from the original three, with John Diggle leaving the team to return to the military. Now that there are just the two of them in the "Arrow Cave," fans of "Olicity" have brought forth the thought that they might end up together again. But it seems that showrunners are not going to take this route.

Oliver and Felicity's relationship looks more like a professional one, and they would be together again, any time soon. Wendy Mericle, executive producer of The CW hit show, "Arrow" delivered the sad news in an interview with TVLine, further stating that Oliver and Felicity are both in crisis mode, with Oliver getting into the role being the mayor of Star City, while juggling with having to live the life of a vigilante by night. While Felicity is moving around in Havenrock. Both of them are still looking for clarity in their new challenges, so until things settle down, getting back together would be the last thing on their agenda.

With showrunner's statements of getting back to basic this season, fans can expect a more gritty and visceral lineup of villains, very similar to the time when the Arrow-verse's version of the "Suicide Squad" was introduced. Speaking of the Suicide Squad, Dark Horizons recently reported on the rumor that the introduction of the Sucide Squad in the early seasons of Arrow was in fact to get fans ready for their movie counterparts. Well it seems that there's more to that.

In a recent interview done by Vulture with Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti, he does not confirm nor deny the rumor regarding taking out Arrow-verse's Suicide Squad to make way for David Ayer's film, Berlanti however talks about receiving a suggestion of using the Squad in the Arrow-verse to introduce them to audiences and test the fans' reception.

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