'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Carlos Valdes Teases the Musical Episodes; Big Changes to Cisco Ramon in 'Flashpoint.'[Video]


The reunion of "Glee" alums, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist will bring fans a musical crossover, as teased by Carlos Valdes. Also, Valdes character in the series will receive quite an overhaul in "Flashpoint."

According to Collider, Carlos Valdes, who portrays the cienphile Cisco Ramon in the hit CW show, "The Flash," appeared in front of the press at this year's Dragon Con in Atlanta. His character in the DC TV series is close friend and ally to Barry Allen aka The Flash, portrayed by actor, Grant Gustin.

In the series, Cisco helps the "Scarlet Speedster" battle metahuman villains by creating devices with his advanced technical knowledge and skills. Just last season, Cisco discovered that he himself is a metahuman due to also being exposed to the particle accelarator explosion that brought forth the metahumans, along with The Flash. He's taken up the superhero name of "Vibe" which is the same as his comic book version. The powers that he has shown last season are still vague, and he is still yet to discover his full potential.

Valdes expressed how crossover-heavy the CW shows will be in their upcoming new seasons. With the addition of the Melissa Benoist led "Supergirl," and with Gustin and Benoist being both a part of the hit musical show "Glee" at some point in their career, it has already been established and confirmed that a musical crossover episode for The Flash and Supergirl is on its way.
Valdes also confirmed that he has knows only a thing or two about the upcoming musical crossover, but just enough to acknowledge that what's awaiting fans is entertaining, and has infinite possibilities.

In terms of the upcoming "Flashpoint" storyline in season 3, based from a report by IBTimes, Cisco will experience a significant change. Valdes states that his character will still be Cisco Ramon, but an alternate reality version, and while his IQ is still at genius level, he's now had the gumption to capitalize on his skills and climb up the ranks of society and become the wealthiest man in the US. Valdes also said that S.T.A.R. Labs has been replaced with "Ramon Industries," but would still bear similarities to their base of operations, before Flashpoint.

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