'Uncharted' Movie News: 'Uncharted' Film Adaptation Has Been Removed From Sony Movie Release Schedule [VIDEO]


The "Uncharted" film adaptation seems to be over, as Sony has removed it from its movie release schedule. So, with all the news about a movie that still has not entered pre-production, what's the deal?

Back in July, the director of the upcoming addition to the "Bad Boys" film franchise, "Bad Boys 3" has been tapped to adapt the Naughty Dog developed video game franchise, "Uncharted" to the big screen. With the announcement, the aspect of an Uncharted movie being helmed by the director of hit movies such as "The Grey" and "Narc," as well as the hit series, "The Blacklist" has excited fans of the game franchise.

Armed with a great director that understands how to make great action thrillers, things seem to be looking up for this upcoming video game to film adaptation. But while production for the filming is still a long ways off, there are some who would feel that Sony should just end this film before it even goes into casting.

In an article piece by Forbes contributor, Paul Tassi, he states that every time an Uncharted film update makes its way into the news, it is almost not for positive reasons. Further stating that the movie has already gone through three directors, namely Seth Gordon, Neil Burger and David O'Russell, before landing Carnahan, who might also ne penning the script.

Tassi further drives his point home by citing that fact that Carnahan is also set to helm "Bad Boys 3" which has recently been reported to have a January 2018 release date, while the Uncharted project still is unable to cast who will portray its lead, "Nathan Drake."

Now, it seems that Tassi's take on Uncharted's issue of almost being in "development hell" may be partially coming true. According to iTech Post, due to the delays and changes with the production staff and still not being able to short list a cast, Sony studio has decided to drop the Uncharted film adaptation from their slate of movie releases.

Sony however, had done a switch in release schedule for Uncharted, and announced a June 30, 2017 release before. But the recent complete removal from their release schedules, leaves the enigma of whether obstacles were again the reason for this move, or is the project just entirely over even before it begins.

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