'Twin Saga' News & Review: Latest X-Legend Title Finally Enters Open Beta In The US. [VIDEO]


X-Legend's "Twin Saga" has finally entered the US online gaming scene. After stress test done in the etirety August, Twin Saga has now entered open-beta, and here is a quick review.

"Twin Saga" is the latest MMORPG offering in the "X-Legend" series of anime-styled games. It is once again published in the US by "Aeria Games." At the end of August, it had just finished its closed-beta phase, and according to News.MMOSite, have just recently started its open beta phase. Known as "Astral Realm" in Taiwan, X-Legend takes beats from their previous games such as "Aura Kingdom" and "Eden Eternal" into a neat little package.


As with other X-Legend MMORPG titles, the chibi-styled anime characters is very much present. The overall theme leans more to the "cute" side. Players are treated to crisp looking worlds with weird and whimsical-looking enemies to encounter.

According to MMOs, the entire color scheme is built up of vibrant palettes, which is highly-evident and expected in X-Legend titles. The game interface feels polished, yet feels crazy in a good way. Players can edit the game's user interface to their liking in the options.


Twin Saga's soundtrack is pretty much the same with any fantasy-based game. The music is primarily an upbeat fantasy orchestration. There is voice acting, but even with the game being brought to the US, sound bites and dialogues are all still in Japanese, with the exception of system sounds which can be translated to English in the options.There is an option for dialogue to be translate to English in the options, but at the moment does not work.

With sound effects consisting of the same high-pitched squeaks that are present in Aura Kingdom, while not being too cartoonish in sound with regards to weapon slashes and player and enemy hits, unlike what players have experienced in Eden Eternal. Because of the soundwork, every attack seems to have some weight put into it, but not enough to be distracting players.


Character creation is simple enough as having a few option for customization, unlike what players are now getting used to with current releases like, "Blade and Soul" or "Black Desert Online." But this does fit with what players have been accustomed to when it comes to anime-themed MMO's.

If there was a checklist for characteristics of X-Legend titles, Twin Saga would be it. Movement consists of the standard "WASD" movement, with right-clicking for camera control. Players can however, still move by left-clicking the mouse on their location of choice.

While most MMORPG's have adapted the "World of Warcraft" approach when it comes to questing, Twin Saga takes it even further by adapting the auto quest system made popular by WoW, and coupling it with the hidden (marked with a green "!" on the map) and conversation quests that can be found in Aura Kingdom; these are the quests that cannot be auto-pathed. Players need to actually search for these to activate and complete them - like what a quest should be like.

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