'Hacksaw Ridge' News: Mel Gibson Receives Standing Ovation At '2016 VIFF'; 'The Passion of the Christ' Sequel In The Works. [VIDEO]


Amidst all the controversies that has plagued his career, his questionable rants and the anti-semitic accusations that seem to follow him around, After receiving a standing ovation for his latest film, it would seem that actor and director Mel Gibson is turning things around.

Armed with his new film, "Hacksaw Ridge" people are now remembering what a briliant director he is, and that there was a reason why he was and still is a heavy-hitter in Hollywood.

According a piece done by USA Today, at age 60, Mel Gibson revealed his latest directorial project, Hacksaw Ridge at the "2016 Venice International Film Festival." The Andrew Garfield led anti-war film was a huge hit in ite world premiere. The film was a huge success. And non't just any huge success, according to Deadline, it was a full 10-minute audience standing ovation of a success.

Outside, Gibson was greeted by fans that have their face painted in blue, alluding to Gibson's 1995 epic, "Braveheart." Gibson was last seen in the crtically well-received Jean-François Richet French action-thriller film, "Blood Father." He was also brought in to be the main antagonist in, "Expendables 3" to many fans delight, acting opposite Hollywood action legend, Sylvester Stallone.

On other news, Gibson's Hollywood resurgence looks like its going full-throttle as Channel 24 has reported that Gibson plans to helm a follow-up to the 2004 faith-based epic drama "The Passion of the Christ." At a Venice press conference, Gibson described his relationship with Hollywood as "survival."

Gibson looks like he has bounced back from his past demons. Back in 2011, actor Robert Downey Jr. accepted an "American Cinematheque Award," and during his acceptance speech, ask the public to forgive Gibson for his transgressions, and that Gibson has metaphorically "hugged the cactus" long enough. A few years down the line, it would seem that the public have, and if the reception of Hacksaw Ridge has shown people anything, it's that his past wrongs does not diminish the fact that he was and still a brilliant film maker.

"Hacksaw Ridge" is set for a US release on November 4, 2016.

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