'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: New Extended 'Time Strikes Back' Trailer has been released; 'Mirror Master' will debut in Season 3. [VIDEO]


The CW has recently released an extended "Time Strikes Back" trailer with The Reverse Flash revealing plot details, while season 3 will feature the debut of Mirror Master on "The Flash."

After a long wait, the CW shows are now returning from their summer hiatus, especially the DC TV-verse shows. "Supergirl" has now joined the CW which gives DC shows with fantastical elements such as "The Flash" more slack on how far they can take their plot. Time travel has been quite the staple of the DC shows, and with Supergirl, aliens and different worlds are now in existence.

In a report by BleedingCool, a new extended trailer for season 3 of "The Flash" is recently released, and features new scenes, and the Reverse Flash's reveal that Barry will slowly lose his memories from the original time line the longer he stays in the "Flashpoint" timeline that he created.

With Season 3 of "The Flash" gearing up for the "Flashpoint" storyline, several villains from The Flash's rogues gallery have been confirmed to make their debut this coming season.

With Dr. Alchemy and Savitar taking the top villain seats, fans are wondering who will be showing up as villains of the week. A thing that "The Flash" has done magnificently over the past two seasons was how they were able to utilize their villains of the week in furthering the momentum of the main plot. And according to ScreenRant, "Mirror Master" is making its way into Central City this season.

However, as with other comic book to small screen adaptations, certain aspects of Mirror Master, who will be portrayed by "Friday Night Lights" and "Star-Crossed" actor, Grey Damon will have abilities which is a bit different than his comic book version.

Showrunner Todd Helbing spoke to TVLine regarding their decision to remove Mirror Master's signature "mirror gun," and instead just make him a full-on metahuman.

Helbing states that the decision for making the Mirror Master into a metahuman was brought forth by the fact that there are quite a few villains in the Flash's adversaries that are already using powered guns, and they may have already filled their quota for gun-wielding rogues.

Damon's take on the Mirror Master will debut in episode of 4 of season 3 of "The Flash."

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