'Wolverine 3' Update: 'Mister Sinister' Is Confirmed To Appear In the Hugh Jackman Film; Teaser Trailer Is Coming Soon [VIDEO]


X-Men villain "Mister Sinister" has been confirm to make an appearance in "Wolverine 3." While director James Mangold reveals that a teaser for Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine film is on its way.

The post-credit scene was vague for some cinema goers that have watched Fox's latest superhero ensemble film, "X-Men: Apocalypse," but not so for those that are in-the-know when it comes to comics. The post-credit tease was alluding to the future appearance of the iconic X-Men villain, Nathaniel Essex a.k.a "Mister Sinister."

Fans are excited for the big screen incarnation of Mister Sinister, but which of the future films within the X-Men universe will he show up in?

Writer and Producer Simon Kinberg once stated that Essex could be placed in any number of X-Men movies, but Cinema Blend managed to find a reveal made by Kinberg and director Bryan Singer on the commentary track for X-Men: Apocalypse.

On the commentary track, Kinberg and Singer revealed that Mister Sinister will be the villain in the James Mangold directed "Wolverine 3," which would be Hugh Jackman's "final" run as "Weapon X" Wolverine. Jackman will be joined by Patrick Stewart who will reprise his role as Charles Xavier a.k.a "Professor X."

Some time ago, Nerdist, reported that "The Reavers" will be the main villains in Wolverine 3, but Mister Sinister being in the film could mean that he may be involved in the creation of Wolverine's female clone, "X-23."

Aside from the Mister Sinister reveal, Movie News Guide reports that director James Mangold tweeted out that the teaser trailer for Wolverine 3 will be coming out soon.

A fan of the film franchise asked Mangold through twitter on an update on W3, to which Mangold replies that the teaser will com out soon. This would mean that the teaser could arrive in November, as it has been the habit of big budget movies to release teaser trailer 3 months before the actual trailer.

Video courtesy of WatchMojo.

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