'iPhone 7' News: Apple reveals an 'iPhone 7' that Is Home Button-less; Analysts predict Apple will trend once again. [VIDEO]


Apple's new flagship smartphone, the "iPhone 7" has been unveiled during Apple's September 7th Special Event, and as much as the hype for it has been mostly positive, once again, Apple has managed to push a few buttons - by removing a button, and some past features.

The Verge's Dieter Bohn was able to test the new iPhone 7, and points out to one feature that he misses - the old home button. He mentions that the new "taptic engine" driven home button, unlike the MacBook trackpad which gives users an uncanny feeling that the users are actually hitting a physical button, tapping the new home button just gives off a short kicking vibration when you tap it. The home button is responsive and not bad at all, but the weird button just removes the sensation that you are actually pressing a button. and in Bohn's own words, "it's a bummer."

This would not be the first time that Apple has switched to a more digital feature when it comes to their devices. Back in 2001, the iPod features an actual moving part click wheel, which has then been phased out to bring in an all-new single display. This move by Apple seems only logical as less moving part would theoretically equate to less breakages, allowing Apple the freedom to create sealed enclosure that makes their devices water-resistant.

Rumors also have floated online in the few weeks before the event about Apple removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, and there were some who are against it. The special event launch for the iPhone 7 pretty much confirms that this will be the case for the new iPhone and that wireless AirPods and being introduced to the users. Lightning port EarPods will now be the standard with the iPhone 7, and their future models.

In terms of the market, The Washington Post reports that reputable Apple analysts predict that the tech giant will be that trend this year with a pair of smartphones that looks more or less similar, as with their previous iPhone models.

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