'Birth of the Dragon' Bruce Lee Film Is Set To Open Globally [VIDEO]


"Birth of the Dragon" is shaping up to dominate the Western box-office, as the director George Nolfi and producer Michael London are gearing up to opening the Bruce Lee bio-drama in global theaters.

Director George Nolfi's latest film, "Birth of the Dragon" makes its world premiere in Toronto. The film is debuted Tuesday afternoon, and tells the story of martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee's rise as a martial arts legend, and the infamous showdown he had with another Kung Fu master, Wong Jack Man.

Nolfi, who is known to had helmed 2011's sci-fi thriller, "The Adjustment Bureau," and "Trumbo" producer, Michael London discussed with Variety about the legendary status of Bruce Lee and his enduring legacy. Lee remaining popular throughout the years is one reason why they trust their movie.

Nolfi also believes that comprising his cast with Chinese stars could turn into a cross culture phenomenon.

When asked why audiences in 2016 will relate to a persona from a century ago, London described Bruce Lee as an iconic character and personifies the idea of East meets West. London feels that the world in now willing open up and learn how Lee was able to bring the two cultures together.

Another question that came up was how were they able to know that the demand for Bruce Lee is still high, and Nolfi stated that there is not a single place in the world that is not aware of Bruce Lee's existence, and be moved by his story.

In the early 1960s, Bruce Lee broke into the the Western movie scene. At that time, it was thought to be unprobable for an Asian man to become a movie star in the West, and up to now, still retain his status as the most notable martial artist and Asian in the West.

Variety then asks them about the epic fight that moviegoers are going to witness, on why the fight was only witnessed by a few people. Nolfi answered that the fight is still disputed, and it was in this fight that Lee reinvented the entire principle of his martial arts.

Apparently, Lee has already encountered a fellow Asian who was also destined to break into the Western movie scene. Here, action movie star, Jackie Chan recalls his best story about Bruce Lee.

Video courtesy of Strombo.

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