'Spider-Man: Homecoming' News & Spoilers: Hannibal Buress On 'Shocker' Rumors; Woodbine's Shocker Costume Revealed [VIDEO]


It would seem that Hannibal Buress gave the fans foresight on who Bokeem Woodbine's character will be in "Spider-Man: Homecoming." Further down the line, fans got a taste of what the Watts' version of "Shocker" will look like via leaked photos.

Approximately two weeks ago, the online community was shaken when a leaked casting sheet for the upcoming superhero film, "Spider-Man:Homecoming" crawled its way into the web and bringing forth an entire wave of new speculations regarding the upcoming Jon Watts' standalone movie.

During its infancy, fans treated the rumors as it is - just rumors. But in a recent interview with actor and stand-up comedian, Hannibal Buress alludes to the credibility of a certain leaked casting rumor. While in an interview with The Breakfast Club, Buress seems to have made some statements that alludes to confirming "Fargo" actor, Bokeem Woodbine's role in the upcoming Marvel film.

According to We Got This Covered, this happened when he talked about his role in the next Spider-Man movie flick, describing his character as a gym teacher who does not realize that Peter Parker, portrayed by Tom Holland is Spider-Man. Nondescript as the response may be, the leaked document states that Buress character in the film will be Coach Wilson. This leaves fans to speculate that Woodbine IS portraying the villain "Shocker," - right up until recently.

There has been however a few Homecoming spoiler-filled months now, with the only thing definite coming out of all the reports was that the main villain is going to be "Vulture," and yet there has not been a report confirming if Academy Award Nominated actor, Michael Keaton was brought in to play this role. But after the Buress interview, it would seem that Marvel is directing fans' attention to another Marvel villain.

Superhero movies have made it a bit of a habit of having more than one antagonist in a film, to either showcase the hero's abilities, as well as drive the plot to greater depths. Woodbine was announced back in June to join the cast of Homecoming, and fans have been quick to theorize that he will be playing the role of Herman Schultz aka Shocker. In a report by IBTimes, it would seem that the speculations have paid off.

Woodbine has been spotted on set, wearing a costume that bears a similarity with its comic book counterpart. Watts' take on the Shocker costume felt a bit more grounded, but still feels true to the source. Looking closely, there is still the yellow patchwork design that has been one of the trademarks of the villain in the comics.

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