‘The Flash’ Season 3 News & Updates: Kevin Smith Wants To Adapt 'Gentleman Ghost' As A Villain In The CW Series [VIDEO]


Kevin Smith seem to want "Gentleman Ghost" included in "The Flash" series, and even posts a photo on Instagram alluding to the classic DC villain.

With his directing of "The Runaway Dinosaur" episode for last season of The CW's "The Flash," fans are clamoring for more of director Kevin Smith's vision this coming season 3.

It was already confirmed that Smith will be directing an episode 7 of season 3, and according to IB Times, Kevin Smith might want to switch the main villain of the season.

In Smith's recent Instagram post, he jokes about including the classic DC Comics villain, "Gentleman Ghost" to The Flash.

In a report by Headline News, Smith mentions in his tweet that he is trying to convince the people on The CW to bring in a low budget incarnation of Gentleman Ghost as the big baddie in Season 3. And attached an image of himself with a white piece of cloth covering what looks like a man, in his tweet.

Kevin Smith also states that everyone seems to be spooked by idea of bringing in Gentleman Ghost, is part of the old school DC Comics.

Gentleman Ghost is known to be a spirit of a 19th Century thief, who happens to also be a gentleman named Jim Craddock. Craddock returns to the world of the living to continue his life of crime, with thievery being his main thing. In the comics, Braddock was first killed by the hero Nighthawk, and was cursed to roam as an undead until his killer's spirit leaves the world of the living. Nighthawk's reincarnation into Hawkman would see to it that Craddock's spirit would never find peace.

While fans of "The Flash" will not be seeing Gentleman Ghost in the series any time soon, they can however look forward to the season's main villains, "Savitar" who executive producer Todd Helbing describes as a weird psychological villain, and "Dr. Alchemy," who is as his name states, an alchemist.

Season 3 of "The Flash" premieres on "The CW" on Oct. 4.

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