'Justice League' Gets An 8-Bit Movie Trailer, Courtesy Of 'JoBlo' [VIDEO]


While the entire world is clutching tightly to the hope that the next DCEU films will fare much better than the past ones, fans get a sliver of light in the form of JoBlo's 8-bit trailer for "Justice League."

The trailer is part of his "8-bit series." Although some may argue that the graphics used are from the 16-bit era, and the style could probably be compared to games such as Capcom's "Final Fight" series. But according to Screen Rant, "branding" is the reason behind the title of the trailer, so this technicality can be ignored and forgiven.

The 8-bit trailer recreates every part of the SDCC Justice League trailer, right down to its background music. The entire setup feels like the introduction to a video game back in the 90's.

At the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. unveiled several trailers for their slate of upcoming DC Extended Universe films. The reception to the DC promos were mostly positive, but fans were divided when it came to the "Justice League" trailer.

The trailer is technically built from a series of footages from the upcoming film. It features the introduction of key Justice League members, such as The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, who audiences have seen merely glimpses of in "Batman v Superman".

As far as the scenes go, there are confirmations that not all of them will be included in the final product, since the trailer was pieced together just for Warner Bros being able to show something to fans at Comic Con. But still, the fans's reaction to the trailer was lukewarm.

As excited as fans seem to be for the DCEU, there are some that are not willing to give Warner Bros. a thumbs up on the Justice League Trailer. Like "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," fans are once again divided on how they would feel about the big screen incarnation of their favorite DC heroes.

According to Movie Pilot, the tone shift from the gritty world of "Batman v Superman" into a levity-filled "Justice League," leaves fans the impression that Warner Bros. still does not know the type of identity they would want to give to their DC movies.

However, JoBlo's creation may provide the Warner Bros. marketing department a few hints on the proper use of nostalgia to revitalize fans' enthusiasm for their upcoming DC films.

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