'iOS 10' News: Apple will make 'iOS 10' available this September; Possible 'iOS 10' early problems and solutions [VIDEO]


It is now official. in a report by The Verge, Apple will be releasing their highly-anticipated iOS version, "iOS 10" on September 13. The new iOS would be the biggest OS update for Apple, since it will feature a major update for the digital assistant, "Siri."

With Apple unveiling their new premium smartphone offering, the iPhone 7, there have already been a lot of online chatter regarding the new features and design changes that has been made, and it is only natural that operating system improvement also comes with it.

The mobile device giant is set to update the mobile OS of their current smartphone models to the much-awaited iOS 10 in the near future which will have the possibility of changing the way people utilize their iOS run devices. But not everything is perfect, people may recall that a beta version has been for iOS 10 has just recently been released to the public. And with that beta version, there are a lot of people that have already experienced using iOS 10 before it was unveiled, and with that, beta users have experienced certain issues that may or may not be present with the upcoming release of iOS 10 update.

Luckily, having the beta version of the OS available to the public early can bring forth glitches and bug, and as well as hardware and software problems to be discovered, and early solutions to those problems can be made. This give Apple a chance to course correct a few of their decisions for iOS 10 before its impending fall release.

According to Digital Trends, with every Apple iOS version release, it is to be expected that certain added applications and processes can run battery life into the ground. Some users of the beta has reported that their batteries had been running as expected, but users should still be wary that they may have to charge their devices more often when iOS 10 comes.

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