‘Gotham’ Season 3 Spoilers: Bruce Wayne Will Meet The Court Of Owls; 'Peguin's' New Plan Revealed [VIDEO]


New sneak peek trailers have been released for season 3 of "Gotham." The mini trailers give fans small glimpses into what's in store for Bruce Wayne and "The Penguin" in the upcoming season 3 premiere.

Right before seasons of FOX's "Gotham" ended, viewers were introduced to the secret world of the "Court of Owls." This secret society is comprised of Gotham's oldest and most influential families.

The Court are the ones behind major events in Gotham City, and was introduced to be the benefactors of Hugo Strange's crazy experiments at Indian Hill, and Bruce's parents may also have had unintentional dealings with them, which in turn resulted in their untimely demise.

Bruce Wayne, portrayed by young actor, David Mazouz, has gained knowledge that the Court of Owls is providing funding for Hugo Strange's endeavors, and was running "Wayne Enterprises" from the shadows.

With Gotham returning for season 3, fans will finally witness Bruce encounter the Court of Owls, having the intentions of ending the secret society for good.

According to IBTimes, a mini trailer for season 3 of Gotham has been released, which features a scene where Bruce warns Selina Kyle, played by young actress Camren Bicondova, to be wary of the Court of Owls, and that they are dangerous and "powerful people."

Bruce then tells Selina that he needs to time to research them, and that her friendship with him may put her life in danger. Selina seems unfazed and even snaps at Bruce.

In a report by ComingSoon.Net, a separate sneak peek promo was released, this time about Oswald Cobblepot AKA "The Penguin."

The mini trailer gives viewers a glimpse of his future plans for Gotham City now that "monsters" have run loose in its streets.

Oswald feels that his plan will likely give him the opportunity to leave his mark in the Gotham City history, and at the same time, make his deceased parents be proud of him.

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