'Apple MacBook Pro' Update: Apple CEO hinted at new 2016 MacBook Pro; but the Apple Notebook might be delayed until 2017 [VIDEO]


In Apple's "September Special Event," the audience were expecting to witness the revival of the "MacBook Pro" product line, but nothing definite is said about it. Now reports have surfaced that customers will still have to wait until 2017 to get their hands on the new MacBook Pro.

In 2006 tech giant "Apple" revolutionized the art of portable computing by introducing to the world the very first Macbook Pro, which replaced their "PowerBook G4" model, and ever since, there has not been any new model for this product line since 2013 when Apple discontinued all the second generation MacBook Pros.

With the launch of Apple's latest flagship smartphone, the "iPhone 7," and with their other devices getting a much needed update, it would only be reasonable that the return of the MacBook Pro will follow suit.

An updated version of the 13-inch model was released in March 2015. So this will not be the first time that Apple will try to update their notebook.

But it looks like fans of the Apple portable computer won't be able to get their hands on it, at least until 2017 comes. In a report by Inquisitr, it is speculated that Apple would delay the launch of the new MacBook Pro because they would want to incorporate in it the freshest "Intel Kaby Lake" processors, which will not be on the market until the tail end of 2016.

After being a "no show" at the recently concluded Apple Special Event, many have speculated that the new MacBook Pro is still a possibility. According to Yibada, Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped hints regarding the portable computer in an email inquiry by stating that they love the Mac, and are very committed to it.

Bloomberg reported that in over four years, Apple Inc is bringing back the MacBook Pro with significant overhauls, have also speculated that this move is to counteract Apple's two quarters of diminishing sales.

As far as indicating a release date for the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh, none were given. All accounts regarding the situation that Apple is in points to getting the best hardware in their machines. It is only logical that they make their announcement as early as October for a MacBook Pro 2017 first quarter launch.

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