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'Pokemon GO’ Latest News: All Pokemons will disappear from the map anytime soon; Niantic cannot prevent it?


Trespassing incidents from playing 'Pokémon GO' are now rampant. People from the neighborhood often heard complaining about players who made an entrance to houses without permission just to catch the monsters. And these people are reported to have asked the help of a Cyber Solution company to come up with a program to wipe all Pokémons from their vicinity. Could it be true that Niantic cannot do anything to prevent the Pokémons from disappearing?

Companies requested the removal of Pokémons

'Pokémon GO' players turned to be a nuisance to some of their neighborhoods because of the fact that roaming around might land them into a trespassing violation. According to The Next Web, the CEO of CNN Money Chrisman Coleman revealed that there are about eight companies who asked helped from LookingGlass to request the removal of Pokémons from their respective areas. As a result, LookingGlass reached out Niantic, the developer of the Augmented Reality Game, and request for a pull out of the creatures from the radar. This is to prevent players or hunters to into landing a dangerous situation.

Players complained about disappearing Pokémons

Following the request made by the company LookingGlass to Niantic, complains about disappearing Pokémons flooded the internet. An avid player named Nikki Haley sent a tweet to Niantic and pleaded to remove the restrictions, according to a report from Forbes. Also, some players noted that Pokémons in a non dangerous area were removed. This is because of the reporting tool that allowed citizens or other players to report locations for potential removal.

'Pokémon GO' related accidents

It's worth mentioning that after the massive launching of the Augmented Reality game globally, reports on 'Pokémon GO' related accidents overwhelmed the headline. Last July, a car was reported crashed into the police car because the driver was busy hunting while driving. Another one was, two friends fell off a cliff while running after a rare Pokémon. 

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