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‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: ‘Niantic Banning Players’ is NOT Working and Niantic Means It? Here’s Why!


Could it be true that Niantic is far-fetched from figuring out the correct algorithms for banning 'Pokemon GO' accounts? And that, the vagueness of Niantic anti-cheat system could be the reason why third party apps used for cheating in 'Pokemon GO' are still around the corner? Or is putting up anti-cheat system could mean losing great revenues from the players themselves?

Cheating is normal, at least in VR games

Cheating is a new norm when it comes to playing games. According to a commenter in Agora Exchange, cheats codes are unavoidable and cheating is inevitable because it adds fun and rewards to the game. Also, another statement pointed out that cheat codes are added by the developers as another dimension of the game with purpose - to be explored by gamers.

Niantic's banning system is not effective

This is probably true with Niantic's. They build anti-cheat system through soft and permanent bans as punishment for cheaters but hackers can always get around the system. In a nutshell, banning system is not effective after all. Why? As reported by i4u, identified cheaters or bot users are also big in-app spenders. Since the refund system for cheaters is currently not an option for Niantic, they will surely lose large amount of revenues from the player's purchases.

'Pokemon GO' app slowly goes down in flames

Several complaints from legit Pokemon GO players who are getting banned are flooding the Pokemon GO's support site. Speculations are Niantic's algorithms on filtering botted from legit accounts are not really effective. For this reason, Pokemon GO dropped to rank 9 from the most downloaded free apps going down from number one spot since its kicking off in over 80 countries around the world.

'Pokemon GO' in-app tracker release date

'Pokemon GO' in-app tracker is not yet available for the players. This proprietary tracker is the most legit way of tracking down location of Pokemons including the rare and ulta-rare ones.

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