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‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Pokesniper Cheating Is Possible without Getting Banned Permanently; Here's How! [VIDEO]


Niantic is serious in punishing Pokemon GO players who were caught cheating. Their anti-cheat system is up following the shutting down of the third party apps. However, hackers can still find a way cheat and without getting banned by using Pokesniper program.

Pokemon GO cheating was compared by iDigital Times with Hydra, a creature that can reproduce its cut body parts. The same way with Pokemon GO tools for cheating, the more Niantic took down the program, the more it becomes resilient. The only challenging part is bypassing the anti-cheat system of Niantic. However, a player revealed in the forum how he managed to escape from the anti-cheat system.

A forum commenter of iOS Gods who hide himself under the name of Sergeant Omega posted a solution or fix to the recurring problem of always getting banned once detected by Niantic. According to him, changing the coordinates of your location will do the thing for you without getting soft banned. Also, another forum commenter named Muricaz articulate the solution made by Sergeant Omega. Muricaz said that if the character is in Japan, set your location to Japan even if you are situated at your Grandma's house in Nevada, United States. In addition, Muricaz advised the players not to run any bots along with the Pokesniper because it increases the probability of you getting soft banned. And in the event you experience soft ban, Muricaz advised to just spin to remove your account from the banned list. Quickspin 1.2 is the best tool for spinning.

 On the other hand, the best advice Niantic could give to its players is to play safe and avoid using third party apps to capture rare Pokemon like Snorlax. But, if desperate enough to catch Pikachu, hatching eggs is the best way to do it. Doing it in a legal way is better than losing your entire account. 

Below is the video tutorial for using Pokesniper. 

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