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Microsoft ‘Surface Pro 5’: Specs are Potential iPad Pro Killer; Intel Kaby Lake Processor, First Tablet with USB Type-C Port?


The competition between Microsoft and Apple never seemed to cease and it will go a long way now that Microsoft is rumored to launch its newest Surface Pro 5. The newest flagship tablet of the Windows-maker is said to be a potential killer of iPad Pro because of its features that include Intel Kaby Lake Processor and utilization of USB Type-C port which will be the first among the tablets.

Hello Surface Pro 5, Goodbye iPad Pro?

In the recent ad battle between the two tech giant companies, Microsoft was allegedly bashing Apple for its claim that iPad Pro is a computer. Now, that Microsoft is slated to launch its newest Surface Pro 5 which according to them, sports a total package of a computer, iPad Pro is speculated to be nearing its downfall.

Surface Pro 5 rumored specs

According to The Country Caller, Surface Pro 5 pen will be upgraded and will rechargeable battery that could be charge through wireless when attached to the tablet. Another one is the processor which is believed to utilize either the sixth-generation Skylake chip or Kaby lake. Surface Pro 5 is also rumored to have a 2K screen as well as 4K that is a little bit pricey. For the memory, it will have a 16 GB of RAM. The most anticipated USB Type-C is rumored to replace the USB 3.0 port of Surface Pro 5 predecessors. However, no confirmed information whether the newest port will be charging or for audio jack as well. Lastly, the newest tablet flagship of Microsoft will have its camera upgrade, better Wi-Fi and enhanced Bluetooth support.

Surface Pro 5 price and released date       

As PC Advisor reported, referencing the introductory price Microsoft had for Surface Pro 4; speculations are the same price will go for Surface Pro 5. The same source said that launching is slated on the fall of 2017 though no confirmed month and date yet.

Watch he video below for additional knowledge about Microsoft Surface Pro 5 features. 

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