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‘New Spider Man Homecoming’: Trailer Revealed Iron Man’s Role that will make the Movie a Blockbuster Hit? [RUMORS]


The web-slinging hero is about to make a comeback in the big screen. Sony and Marvel is working out together for the newest 'New Spider Man Homecoming' and with a new twist. Iron Man's (played by Robert Downey) role will make the movie a blockbuster hit.

Iron Man's has a mission

The 'New Spider Man: Homecoming' is said to be the most awaited installments among all the 14 movies of the Marvel's super hero. That's probably because of the appearance of Iron Man (played by Robert Downey) as the only Marvel character included in the movie. The mission of Iron Man in the movie was revealed. According to Australia Network News, Spiderman will be equipped with more high-tech and state-of-the-art gadgets through the help of the billionaire Stark. Also, Stark will serve as the mentor of the high school teen super hero. 

The three rumored villains

There are three rumored villains in the movie - The Vulture, The Tinkerer and Scorpion. Michael Keaton will be casted as The Vulture while Bokeem Woodbine's role is not yet confirmed whether he's going to play The Tinkerer or Scorpion, as reported by Cinema Blend.

Peter Parker's love interest is a redhead

The 'New Spider Man: Homecoming trailer is yet to be released. Meanwhile, the casting is on-going. Just recently, the Disney Chanel star Zendaya which is rumored to play the role of Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's long-time love interest according to Collider. Just a background, Mary Jane is Peter's fist serious girlfriend; the credit will go to Gwen Stacy.    

Spider Man new suit

The web-slinger will be sporting in an upgraded costume that would make him look like 'Spider-man'. The designer of the suit made a minor upgrade on its color, eyes and webs which accordingly caused headaches to inkers and to the designer himself. 

Release date

The 'New Spider Man: Homecoming' is slated to make waves in the theater on July 17, 2017. Fans are excited for the tandem of Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland. The movie is expected to become one of the blockbuster hits in 2017. 

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