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Killing of ‘iPhone 7’ Pro Marked the End of iPhone Era; Apple Will Introduced New Glass Phones in 2017?


Of what was supposed to be a launching of three iPhones in September 2016, the tech giant Apple has killed its iPhone 7 Pro with single lens and is rumored to be an upgrade to iPhone 7 Plus. Slumping sales for iPhone is said to be the culprit behind the ditching. However, Apple is not closing their doors into manufacturing glass phones and launching them by 2017 is not far-fetched.

It is quite strange for Apple to ditch a product right before its launching. According to The Next Web, lower sales for iPhone has been cited by Apple to ditch the idea of launching three phones in the fall of 2016 and added that this year is the most volatile year for Apple marking the constant changes in actions of the tech giant company.

Despite the rumored end of traditional iPhone era this year, Apple is not far-fetched from producing all-glass phones. In fact, the next model was speculated to be called iPhone 8. According to The Country Caller, iPhone 8 will be an upgraded version of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s with an unbreakable glass panel to cover the front and the back, though the size would not be the same with two earlier models. Moreover, the rumored glassed phone will also be sporting an OLED display screen. There are no speculations for the operating system, battery life and headphone jack-less but Apple has the entire year to come up with never-before features before its launching in 2017. Consumers are expected to see an integrated Touch Screen ID for security purposes. 

A midst the speculations, the upcoming iPhone 8 or the new glass phone is proven to be true since the sapphire glass facility of Apple is already up and running in Arizona as reported by The Next Web. The new generation of iPhone will be the newest flagship of Apple for its tenth anniversary celebration.

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