'USB-C vs Lightning’ Connector: Sorry Intel, Apple Will Not Utilized USB-C; They’re going Wireless for iPhones

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It's time to say goodbye to 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as Intel is serious in pushing through the USB Type-C to replace the old audio jack. However, it seems like Apple will not yet to the trend and continues to use the proprietary lightning connector to their new iPhone models instead of the USB Type-C port.

Apple preferred lightning connector over USB-C for iPhones

Apple has completely ditches the idea of USB-C port for iPhones and preferred lightning connector instead. Though it's worth mentioning that Apple adopted the said port for their 12-inch MacBook laptop, this time the tech giant utilized the proprietary connector according to Mac Rumors. Apple is already known for utilizing its own connectors between 2003 and 2012 for iPhone, iPod and iPad. The most noteworthy was the MagSafe connector used in laptops models beyond the 12-inch MacBook.

Intel pushes for USB-C Port

Intel is pushing USB-C Port as replacement for the traditional 3.5 millimeter audio jack. According to Apple Insider, Intel is impressed with the features of the port include better sound, power management and thinness.  The chip-maker company dubbed USB-C as the best option for accessory makers.

USB-C Port vs Lightning Connector

First and foremost, the obvious reason why Apple chose lightning over USB-C port is it proprietary and they have full control of it. To be able to know the advantage and disadvantage of the two ports with each other, a comparison of the two was made by Dave Haynie a forum commenter of the website Quora. According to Haynie, USB-C port scored high when it comes to durability due to its ability to handle more signals than lightning connector. Another advantage of USB-C is its visibility in the years to come. Being the new standard port soon, people can always replace an old cable when damaged than replacing the phone when the lightning connector wears off. 

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