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‘Apple vs Microsoft’ Battle: Apple Claimed iPad Pro a Computer? Microsoft Reacts!


The word PC is entangled with Microsoft forever and the attempt of Apple to steal the word to call their iPad Pro as such doesn't sound great with the old great man Windows-maker. In an ad battle, the tech giant companies released their explanations on the question what exactly is a computer? Are you team Mac or Team PC?

Since back-to-school season is imminent, the two tech giants are back in the arena for a battle - not with guns and swords but in an advertisement. The thought of calling the iPad Pro a PC does not sit well with Microsoft. Hence, in an advertisement, Microsoft compared iPad Pro with Surface Pro 4 which is according to the Windows-maker equipped with ports, Intel processor, keyboard and trackpad enough to be called the next generation's PC. However, this is not their first time. Decades ago, the two were heated up in an advertisement when Apple's "I'm a Mac" was continued by Microsoft's "I'm am PC" tagline.

Mac or PC: Which is Better?

One remarkable comparison noted by the website Debate.Org is Apple is good at hardware whilst Microsoft is excellent in software. Software support is visible in Windows PC compared than Mac. In the case of Windows PC, software are open sourced and can be downloaded free while software in Mac needs to be approved by Apple first, not to mention the limited choices. When it comes to security, Mac has an advantage over PC due to its compartmentalized system that's difficult to exploit by malware. When it comes to value, Windows PC had the advantage. The price of Mac compared to PC price is quite disgusting and everything you need to have comes in a great price.

n conclusion, Microsoft is better than Mac. Though Apple utilized the recent technologies, most users preferred to have Windows PC though old however trustable and reliable. Of course, affordability comes first before quality. 

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