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‘Google Duo’ Review: Bridges the Gap between Android and iOS; Makes You See Anything You Don’t Want to See?


Google has launched its newest video app calling 'Duo' to take on Apple's Facetime. The newest app is said to bridge the gap between android and iOS. However, one of its features will make you see anything you don't want to see - the only disadvantage the app has to offer.

Make Calls from Android to iOS and vice versa

Google Duo and Allo are the two communications app introduced by Google this year, though Allo is about to be launched. Duo has good news to both Android and iOS users. The newest video app will bridge the gap between the two competing mobile OS because Android users can now make a call for free to iOS. And that's a breakthrough! Unlike Facetime that comes as pre-installed in iPhones, Duo is downloadable - same thing with Skype and Facebook Messenger. 

Knock Knock - who's there?

One of the highlighted features of Google Duo is the Knock Knock where you can peek through who is calling and what he is doing in real time while dialing your number. Google's reason for this is before the call starts Knock Knock will get you smiling, according to CNET. But this concerns the users since it will make them see anything they don't want to see. The solution is simple - disable Knock Knock feature in Duo settings menu.

Blocking without knowing

Google Duo won't let your day spoiled by someone who annoys you that's why by you can always block that someone but without his knowledge. They can only hear your phone constantly ringing when they call you.

Super simple interface, different from Hangout

Google Duo's advantage from Hangout is it can be downloaded in your mobile phone and tablets unlike Hangout which is available in PCs only. In addition, using Google Duo will only require one thing - your phone number. No separate account is required according to Google Blog.

Conversations are secure and safe

This security thing called end-to-end encryption will keep your conversations away from those prying eyes. Even Google cannot get through and make an access to your conversations. Google Duo is safe like that!

Will users start to wave goodbye to Facetime now? We'll see the downfall on the coming days. 

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