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‘Pokemon GO’ Competitor is on the way; Niantic is working on ‘Harry Potter GO’ Game to be Release in 2017?


Great news to all Potter heads at the same time Pokemon GO fans! Niantic has confirmed the on-going works of their team on the most anticipated wizardry game 'Harry Potter GO' which is slated to be release in 2017.

'Harry Potter GO' is on the way but...

'Harry Potter GO' game is patterned after the Augmented Reality game 'Pokemon GO' which is apparently in the podium of success today. According to a report from Game N Guide, the senior developer of Niantic Marcus Figueroa confirmed that Niantic has acquired the rights to a possible 'Harry Potter GO' game. Marcus revealed that the conceptualization of the game is on-going but under a different title - Maguss which is set in witchcraft and wizardry world. However, Maguss will not be considered a final title since the team is looking for another title that suits the gameplay.

Will 'Harry Potter GO' a competitor of 'Pokemon GO'?

Marcus made it clear to the fans that 'Harry Potter GO' will not turn to be a competitor of 'Pokemon GO'. He said that Maguss has a functional tangible wand and the main purpose is to catch beasts. Also, the game will include special unique elements from the novels of J.K. Rowling.

The purpose of the game is not to compete with the popular 'Pokemon GO' but to attract Harry Potter fans (books or movies) according to Cinema Blend. This will also wake the interest of those none Potter Heads because of the chance to explore the world of Harry Potter even without reading the books or watching the movies.

In terms of financial, this is an advantage to Niantic's revenue since the Potter Heads come in large groups - the perfect opportunity for Niantic to capitalize with.    

For the meantime, details about the game remain undisclosed. But, the creative minds of Harry Potter fans (who at the same time a Pokemon GO addict) came up with a mockup video that illustrates his desires for the 'Harry Potter GO'. Watch the video below. 

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