‘Spotify Playlists’ Can Boost a Person’s Productivity, Helps Cure Depression?

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Release Radar and Discovered Weekly of Spotify are said to be based on simple behavioral psychology. With a perfect habit loop as the culprit behind the success in Spotify's streaming music space, the playlists have essential benefits to personal psychological dealings such as productivity and depression.

Nowadays, Spotify is not only a music streaming application; it has become a necessity in this generation. About 37 million global subscribers were already reached by the popular music app and the number is increasing every day. There is a secret in there and it backed by science - behavioral psychology.

Behavioral psychology integrated in Spotify Playlist

Unknown to some of the subscribers, the two playlists Release Radar and Discovered Weekly were strategically designed to get listeners stay in the platform for good. As explained by music strategist Bas Grasmayer, the perfect "habit loop" was integrated in the playlists. Through a "cue" and "reward" relationship, the subscriber becomes excited for the reward to be enjoyed for a week and wait for another week for another set of reward such as new exciting music. And this becomes a routine.

Playlists are likely to boost productivity

A blogger and avid Spotify subscriber Carly Stec listed down to her blog the 6 science backed playlists for improving someone's productivity. In her entry, the list includes Classical Music, Video Game Soundtracks, Nature Sounds, Pump Up Songs, Instrumental Songs, Feel Good Songs. According to her, the songs under the 6 mentioned playlist will enable the listener's brain to release dopamine. This neurotransmitter once activated will push you to go after the reward by taking action firsts and further leading to productivity.   

How about depression?

A commenter in a forum in Reddit who hide himself in the name of ADoucheNamedBag shared his personal playlist called "Therapy" for the depressed listeners. According to him, the only way to overcome gloomy moments is to personally indulge with it through music.

How about you? What particular playlist in Spotify awakes your dopamine like coffee does? 

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