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‘Leaked NSA Hacking Tools’: US Darkest Secrets Revealed Through the Leaked Cyber Espionage?


It seems like privacy will be a strange word in the near future and requesting for it will make you a laughing stock. Recently, hacker named Shadow Breaker revealed the powerful and expensive software used to bypass firewalls such as Cisco and Fortinet of big time companies, allegedly used by National Security Agency of the United States.

To say the US is the most powerful nation in the world is a given fact and non-debatable. But, the recent issue on Cyber Espionage tagging the NSA was rumored to have revealed the darkest secrets of the great nation. CNN reported that US has caught red-handed when a group of hackers named The Shadow Brokers revealed the hacking tools used by NSA to take down firewalls of companies, organization and government.

Whether or not the leaked tools are real, one employee of Tailored Access Operations or TAO said in a statement that "they are [the tools] are the keys to the kingdom." Also he added, that never doubt the legitimacy of the hacking tools. Another former employee of TAO confirmed that those are highly authentic and sophisticated hacking tools. These tools with codenames - Epicbanana, BuzzDirection and Egregiousblunder are zipped in a file that contained 300 MB of information that can be used to modify information and control a network.

The recent issue was considered to be a modern spying. As explained Edward Snowden through CNN, modern spying is like launching a missile attack to an enemy where you will not directly hit them from your base, you have to look for a dummy spot to fire the missile to avoid trace back. Given example was when China launching a missile to US, they will go to Peru and fire from there. And the NSA hackers will peek into the enemy's Launchpad and scrap pieces of evidence that will eventually lead to the bad guys.

When US said that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee, they were sure of it since they are lurking around the computer systems of the enemy.

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