When God Created Hell He Put it in Planet Venus?

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Recent scientific studies and explorations have revealed that Venus might have been habitable for the past billion years. However, Venus was dubbed as the most hostile planet in the solar system due to the impossibility of human life survival, hence, leading to the conclusion that when God created hell he put it in Planet Venus.

The conclusion that Venus is where God put hell is slowly proven by science. The previous studies concluded that Venus' atmosphere is made of 96.5 percent of carbon dioxide and 3.5 percent nitrogen. The absence of water in Venus is also one of the indicators of zero existence of life. Major volcanic activities are also spotted in the planet that contributed to its sulfuric atmosphere. According to Hyper Physics, high sulfur content of the atmosphere contributed to high temperature.

Planet Venus is known as the most unfriendly planet in the solar system. Being the second planet next to the sun, its surface temperature is more than 450 degrees Celsius as hot as a pressure-filled cooker. According to a report from Universe Today, soviet landers that arrived in the surface of the planet decades ago was crushed in a quick manner due to the scorching heat and noxious gases released by the planet. Through the extreme heat in the planet and the present of volcanoes, Planet Venus is dubbed version of hell in the solar system. Also, due to its relative closeness to sun, Venus orbits the sun faster like one day in Venus is equivalent to 117 days in Earth.

Life is impossible in the earth's evil twin sister but biblically speaking, this could be the final destinations of those souls who constantly violating the law of God. Hailed as the brightest star in the morning sky, the idea of Venus as a green planet and life-giver is close to impossible.

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