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Cockroach Milk: Better than Breast Milk; The Next Superfood for Infants?


It is quite squeamish but you heard it right. Cockroach milk will be the next protein rich drink and can be a substitute to breast milk due to its high calorie content three times higher than the buffalo milk. If proven to be safe for human consumption, roach milk will be available in the market soon.

A species of cockroach called Diploptera Punctata is to be viviparous which means it has the ability to give birth to young cockroaches. Surprisingly, this roach feeds its young with milk, according to Mother Nature Network. The same source said that crystals found in the milk is like a complete food with the presence of proteins, fats and sugars.

However, producing milk from cockroaches might be a difficult challenge since it is not done in the same way we produce milk from cows. One just cannot say "milking cockroaches", it requires rigmarole process that can only be done inside the laboratory.

A biochemist from Institute for Stem Cells Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Bangalore India Subramanian Ramaswamy explained the process of collecting milk from cockroaches in an interview with NPR, she said "You substitute a filter paper in the brood sac for embryos and you leave it there. You took it out and you get the milk."  

Aside from being substitute to breast and cow's milk, roach milk can also be used as part of the beauty regimen. The optimal levels of protein found in the milk can help in achieving good hair and nails but it cannot be used as facial regimen since the growth hormones found in the milk can exacerbate acne in some individuals. Also, the high sugar content will help in accelerating skin aging.

With this recent breakthrough in the field of science, insects can be the next super food to be consumed by human being, no matter how stomach-churning and gross that might be.  

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