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‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Player Revealed Best Locations to Catch Rare Pokemon; Snorlax often Found in Bakeshops?


To catch rare Pokemon without cheating, one must exert an effort and think of a strategy to locate the kinds of Snorlax and Pikachu. Niantic placed the Pokemon in a random location, however, one player revealed a certain pattern of spots in finding the rare ones.

Snorlax spotted in bakeshops

Spawning locations is the best way to catch Snorlax, though you can have it by hatching 10km of eggs. But an avid player revealed the best locations to catch rare Pokemons. A forum commenter in the website Quora who identified himself as Lucas Fij shared his experience of catching Snorlax. In his post, he said that rare Pokemons cannot be found in parking lots, cemeteries and gas stations. He couldn't believe that he caught his two Snorlaxes in the two bakeshops nearby. The first Snorlax was caught in a bakeshop specializing pastries and the other one is in a donut store.

Twitter can help in finding rare Pokemon

Aside from spawning locations and mapping, the social media platform twitter can also be a perfect tool to find Snorlax. Another commenter from website Quora suggested resorting to Twitter and type "found Snorlax" with hashtag in the search box and the start going through the players post with particular location.

Crowdsourced 'Pokemon GO' maps

Diligent 'Pokemon GO' players are spending time to consolidate all best possible locations to find rare and ultra-rare Pokemons. These maps can be found in Pokemon GO Global website where all links are accessible and these should help you in tracking down the monsters.

These 'Pokemon GO' maps are considered as third party app, that's why using it is not recommended most especially when the anti-cheat system of Niantic is now functioning. Once a player caught cheating, account will be subject to soft ban or permanent ban, depending on the weight of the violations. Therefore, good strategy in coming up with a location pattern and use of social media sites is the best way to avoid losing your account. 

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