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‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News: Hackers Might Use Pokemon GO to Hack U.S. Government System; US Will Ban the Game Permanently?


The downsides of playing Pokemon GO have proliferated since the day of its global launching. There have been many reported incidents of trespassing someone's property and worst accidents by players who are hooked in the game. Just recently, the US government announces the possibility of banning Pokemon GO permanently due to fear of hacking incidents in their systems.

High data consumption because of playing 'Pokemon GO'

The possibility of the US government to permanently ban Pokemon GO in their country is close to reality. As reported by Game N Guide, the House of Representative of the United States has sent Niantic a letter about massive complains regarding the sudden hike of data consumption based on players experience. In the letter, Niantic was being asked whether or not they issued precautionary warnings regarding data consumptions before playing the game.

Hackers might get into the US systems through GPS feature

In addition, another reason that compelled the US government to ban the augmented reality game is the fear of hacking attacks to the system through 'Pokemon GO'.According to a report of Washington Times, the Department of Defense does not allow 'Pokemon GO'players roam around the agency's vicinity. The department officials feared the possibility of hacking attacks through GPS to spy on confidential data of their faculty and staff as well as the secured facilities. Moreover, hackers may use the GPS feature of 'Pokemon GO' in transmitting personal data that can be used for spying, cyber-attacks and other crimes.

Through this, 'Pokemon GO' US players speculated that their government means what they say. On the other hand, Niantic is about to make a statement regarding the hacking claims so much better for the players to remain calm and not panicked as the reports remain unconfirmed. Though, players must take heed and be alert if there are any malicious activities happening while playing the game.

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