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‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Catch all Pokemons and Level Up Faster without Cheating? Here’s How! [VIDEO]


Other 'Pokemon GO' players will take extra mile just to get ahead from co-players and because of desperation, cheating is the best way to go. However, little did they know that there are secrets hiding beneath the surface of the tricky world of 'Pokemon GO' that will let them level up faster without even getting banned - simply because it's not cheating after all.

Business Insider featured some handy tricks that often used by smart 'Pokemon GO' players and often take for granted by the cheaters. The article suggested that a player must learn to say NO to Professor Willow when he offered a Pokemon. The player must keep walking and disregard Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur until they disappeared from the map. The same action must be repeated four to five times and when they respawn in the map, a Pikachu will appear!

 Another legal way of speeding up to the higher level as suggested by Ecumenical News in their report is the 'Transfer-Evolve' method. In this handy trick, a player can make use of his low-level Pokemon to reach higher level through evolving them and transferred them in exchange of few candies. The more evolved Pidgey and Weedle, the more chances of getting candies.

These two and more handy tricks are available in the internet today. However, despite these hundreds of hacks, tricks and cheatings, there will always be that one player who will stand out among the rest even at the absence of cheating and this goes to the likes of Jimmy Derocher who had managed to collect massive amount of XP in an ephemeral period of time. As a result, he received negative criticisms from the commenters by saying that it's impossible to get such amount of XP without using cheats.

Through his frustration Derocher said that anti-cheat or banning system of Niantic has continued to derail the character of an honest and legit player by automatically labeling them as cheaters. Derocher's displayed skill in playing is an indication that cheating is not necessary when you want to gain millions of XP in a day.

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