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‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Niantic Released Legendary Pokemons; Player Revealed His First Legendary Bird Articuno


Legendary Pokemons have not been released by Niantic yet, however, an avid player revealed through her Youtube video the legendary Pokemon Articuno which was according to her, she obtained it as a gift from Niantic - she had a strategy. Also, is it true that trading in 'Pokemon GO' is coming really very soon?

Niantic is Giving Away Legendary Pokemons?

A 'Pokemon GO' player Kait Covey from Ohio revealed that she has the world's first ever legendary Pokemon, the legendary bird "Articuno". As reported by Euro Gamer, Covey claimed that Articuno was a gift she received from Niantic after a bug take its toll on her account and lose one Pokemon.

The availability of 'Legendary Pokemons' rumor was intensified by claims from the player that, they have sighted Articuno in their places. According to Reddit users, they spotted Articuno is a gym in Ohio; they even provided a screen shot as an evidence of their claim.

For these reasons, Niantic denied the claims and said in a statement, "We recently noticed that few Legendary Pokemons got into few accounts when they shouldn't have." The developer decided to pull out all Legendary Pokemons from the players to preserve the integrity of the game and restore the spirit of fairness and having said that, Niantic confirmed to release the Legendary Pokemon next year.

Other Pokemon GO features to be released

On the other hand, the most awaited features of the Augmented Reality game Pokemon GO which is the trading is rumored to be coming really very soon. Along with it are new exciting features such as trainer battles, show other nearby trainers, friends list, leader boards, Pokestops, platform expansion and Pokemon Centers. According to Ranked Boost, Pokemon GO trading will be released in October 2016, Trainer Battles on December 2016 or January 2017 and Pokemon GO Generation II will be on March 2017.

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