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‘AMD Zen Details and Specs’: An Intel Kabylake Killer; Will Appear in High-end Desktop, Mobile PCs and Smartphones Soon?


Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has come up with another processor called Zen which is believed to be the stiff competitor of Intel Kabylake processors. The anticipated well-manufactured chipset is expected to launch in 2017 and will appear in high-end desktops, mobile PCs and smartphones. Will AMD regain back the glory days after committing design failures from its own CPU core Bulldozer?

One thing that AMD promised when it comes to design, its newest chipset Zen does not have a Bulldozer DNA. Extreme Tech reported that AMD scraped the idea of repairing their old CPU core and intentionally started from scratch - building something new from their drawing board and avoided the baggage brought by Bulldozer. For the architecture, AMD Zen has L1 and L2 bandwidth that doubled up the performance of Excavator and 5 times higher for L3 bandwidth.

In addition, Digital Trends dissected the CPU core performance of Zen and they revealed that the newest chip set has about 40 percent more instructions per clock way impressive compared to its predecessors from the previous years. Furthermore, Zen targeted lower power output between 95 and 100 watts (and expected to lower down by 15 watts for laptops) for the thermal design of the fastest desktop parts. It is almost as competitive with Intel hovering in 90 watts range.

Zen x86 core will be first used in AMD's 'Summit Ridge' processors. With the features of Zen from its design, architecture and CPU core performance, it is expected to surpass the performance of Intel Kabylake processor which is the most highly anticipated in the PC market today.

AMD Summit Ridge processor that is Zen-based is slated to be launched in 2017 (no confirmed months yet) that will first appear in high-end desktops. Zen-based chips are expected to make a wave in the enterprise-class server market which will be followed by mobile PCs as well as in smartphones, tablets and the likes.

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