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‘Suicide Squad’ Rumors: Joker and Harley Quinn’s Movie Is Coming Soon? The Reason Behind the Two Characters’ Heavily Deleted Scenes!


Despite the negative criticisms received by 'Suicide Squad' the movie still managed to hit the blockbuster podium with flying colors. Issues regarding the heavy deleted scenes of Joke and Harley Quinn gave birth to another speculation that the two will be working for another movie soon featuring their mad love story.

Margot Robbie revealed that there are several cuts made from Harley Quinn and Joker's scenes most especially those flashback scenes showed their mad love story. According to her, those cuts were intended because the editors of the movie don't want to confuse the audience with the past from the present. She also added that the movie's plot aimed to tell a story about the villains' mission and not to focus on their love story.

Margot Robbie shared a tidbit about Harley Quinn and Joker's tragic love story. It started when Joker has suppressed his ability to feel positive emotions such as love and began turning them into toxic and negative thing, according to the report of IB Times.

The two character's rumored upcoming movie will remain a surmise not until confirmed by DC Comics themselves. However, if it's true that Jared Leto has signed a contract with DC to play Joker's character for the upcoming movies, this is another piece of a puzzle. For this reason, fans will have something will have something to look forward to in the coming days.

On the other hand, the characters have started talking about their views on the deleted scenes. According to Screen Rant, Cara Delavigne and Margot Robbie revealed that they have favorite scenes that did not end up into the movie while Will Smith was happy to share about the bromance between Deadshot and Rick Flag. It was Jared Leto who offered the most substantial insights over Joker's heavily deleted scenes which according to him, enough to fill a DVD. Despite, Leto is still positive that the cut scenes will eventually become useful at some point in the future.

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