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‘Xiaomi and Microsoft’ Partnership: A Desperate Move by Microsoft to Revive their Smartphone Business?


The software giant and the 'Apple of the East' have ventured into partnership as Xiaomi prepared to take off to invade the US market through the help of Microsoft. However, could it be true that this agreement is a desperate move by Microsoft to revive their failure smartphone business?

Last month, Xiaomi faced accusations of copyright infringement by the management of Apple according to the report of Mashable. Design chief Jony Ive of Apple never hesitated to call Xiaomi a "theft" and "lazy" after the alleged ripping off of iPhone's icons and design and Mi Notebook Air's physical design copied from MacBook Air.

The recent partnership made by Xiaomi and Microsoft caused a stir among netizens and made them question the action taken by the software giant. However, Forbes reported that the agreement between the two tech giants are already sealed following the acquisition of 1,500 technology patents for Microsoft smartphone business. Hence, it is expected that more newest and exciting mobile flagship and other innovative devices will be launched by Xiaomi for the next years to come.

As Microsoft continued to slump in their sales for smartphone business, does this partnership with Xiaomi a true act of desperation to revive the business? Forbes speculated that Microsoft did not make Xiaomi paid for the patent portfolio but possibly will receive equity for a more profitable partnership.

When it comes to invading the US market, Xiaomi admitted that it will be an uphill ride not just because of the stiff competition but also because of the possible lawsuit they will face for copyright infringement accusations due to the strict implementation of the law. Unlike in China, where imitation becomes a normal thing among companies. But despite the fears, Xiaomi is determined enough to enter the world's biggest market for smartphones through the genius of their charismatic CEO Lei Jun who is compared to Steve Jobs of Apple.

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