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Latest 'Ghost Recon: Wildlands' Leak Hints Some Similarities With The Titanfall's Multiplayer Mode

May 12, 2017 AM EDT Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP NEWS: New leak confirms weapons and abilities.

EA DICE Announces Exciting 'Battlefield 1' News, Confirms Next Big Update on June And Introduces Another Night Map

May 06, 2017 AM EDT EA DICE Announced big news. First details on Battlefield 1 DLC In the Name of the Tsar coming in June. Battlefield 1 to get another night map, Prise de Tahure.

BioWare Get Serious, Confirms New Patch Coming And Discuss 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Multiplayer Issues

May 06, 2017 AM EDT MASS EFFECT Andromeda multiplayer changes and updates are to be discussed by BioWare, with fans hoping for some kind of DLC news as well.

'Overwatch' Is Now Blizzard's New Money-Making Machine, Blizzard To Share More On Upcoming Anniv Event

May 05, 2017 AM EDT OVERWATCH NEWS this week includes Blizzard's major milestone and also a new release date Anniversary Event clues.

US Defense's Next Big Project Will Make Human Even Smarter, DARPA To Led Project That Will Hack Human Brain

May 05, 2017 AM EDT The coordinated research program aims to accelerate the acquisition of cognitive skills in healthy individuals using non-invasive peripheral nerve stimulation.

Microsoft Azure Announces Big Cloud News, Join Dell-EMC On Hybrid Cloud & Team Up With SAP On Big IT Event

May 05, 2017 AM EDT Microsoft announced big cloud news, a partnership with Dell EMC on hybrid cloud offering and the SAP event this May.

Rockstar Games Announces Great News For 'GTA 5', But Game Hits By Mystery Bug And Some Tech Issues

May 04, 2017 AM EDT Players hit by new PS4, Xbox One, and PC money-making mystery. GTA 6 may launch in 2020 alongside next-gen consoles

Tesla Might Be Working On A New Venture, Material Recycling Could Be The Next Target

May 04, 2017 AM EDT Tesla May Be Launching a Mysterious Startup For “Materials Recycling”

Game ReBorn: 'Dark Souls' To Reborn In The New Games Of Bandai Namco And From Software [VIDEO]

May 03, 2017 PM EDT Dark Souls Dev FromSoftware could be working on a new dark fantasy action-RPG for home consoles. Bandai Namco's 'Code Vein' Gets First Gameplay Trailer.

Blizzard Get Some Big News For 'Overwatch' Fans, Uprising Event Extended, To Announce A Brand New Space Map

May 03, 2017 AM EDT Overwatch 2.12 update: Blizzard launch patch to extend Uprising end time.

EA DICE To Get Another Big Update For 'Battlefield 1', Data Miners Made The Discovery About New Weapons & Gadget

May 03, 2017 AM EDT New Battlefield 1 Weapons and Gadgets Discovered, Includes Silenced Sniper Rifle. Megalodon Easter egg making a return.

AMD Vega Might Face Hard Fight In The Market, Benchmark Shows Vega Is No Match With Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

May 02, 2017 PM EDT AMD Vega Will Compete With Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti In Two Months From Now, But Vega Is Losing The Battle, According To Benchmark Test

Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 Could Be Nvidia's Response To AMD's Latest Pricing Challenge [VIDEO]

May 02, 2017 AM EDT NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 Final Specs Confirmed. As for the card's final specifications, the GP108 GPU will feature 384 CUDA cores, which is far different compared to the 512 CUDA cores that being ...

Bungie To Reveal More About 'Destiny 2' On May, But Bungie Has Some Bad News For Xbox Players [VIDEO]

May 02, 2017 AM EDT The latest Destiny 2 release news will be arriving very soon for PS4, Xbox One and PC players, with a lot being planned by Bungie for the special May gameplay reveal.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Get A Big Gaming Deals On Amazon & GameStop, To Join Other Big Gaming Titles As Headliners

May 01, 2017 AM EDT The best deals on Mass Effect Andromeda. Astro gaming headsets and more, with savings up to 78 percent.

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