EA DICE Makes A Huge 'Battlefield 1' News, Confirms Spring Update, Premium Pass Players To Enjoy Free DLC Map On June [VIDEO]


EA DICE's widely popular first-person shooter game "Battlefield 1" is about to receive another major update this week. The game developer has just confirmed reports of the upcoming Spring Update. EA DICE made the huge confirmation this week.

 EA DICE this week confirmed the upcoming Spring Update will include new weapons variants, new medic revive callout and the much-talked Platoons. The Spring Update is expected to arrive on "Battlefield 1" this week, April 26. However, the game's latest update still has some pending Microsoft and Console certifications, but EA DICE have announced recently that the patch is already in the works and it's now close to release.

The latest Spring Update will include several new Class Rank 10 weapon variants. These include the Hellriegel Defensive, Selbstlader Sniper, Martini-Henry Sniper, and Huot Automatic Optical. Reports said that each of the new weapon variants coming into the "Battlefield 1" will need to be unlocked first through separate assignments, just like with the game's first major expansion "They Shall Not Pass," PVP Live reported.

Also in the much-awaited Spring Update is the new Medic revive indicator. This brand new life indicator will allow "Battlefield 1" players to spot a dead teammate's body to show that help is coming to revive them.

The dead 'Battlefield 1" player will be notified with a loud ping sound and also with some visual notification.
Additionally, there's also some new Ribbons and Dog Tags coming to the game. However, there's not much information given to the public about this. EA DICE is yet to announce official words about this.

In addition to the new weapon variants, Private Servers are also slated to arrive in the next scheduled "Battlefield 1" patch. These Private Servers will allow players to close off their rental servers from the public, according to PVP Live.

But the real highlights of the Spring Update is not the new weapon variants or the new Medi Revive Callout, it's the much-talked topic in the "Battlefield 1" game. The much-anticipated Platoons Systems. According to reports, EA DICE has made some major reworking on the Platoon feature, adding new aspects to the feature.

Finally, Ammo 2.0, gameplay, and map updates were also mentioned in the Recent "Battlefield 1" Livestream. EA DICE first introduced a complete resupply rework in Ammo 2.0 a month ago.

The developer's recent grenade resupply change has received some criticism since it was first added in the game's "They Shall Not Pass" update. Reports said that the addition was not up-to-par with what EA DICE really wanted for the game. As a result, EA DICE has decided to announce a complete rework of the game's resupply system, it also named it the Ammo 2.0.

In other gaming-related news, the "Battlefield 1" premium pass players are about to receive the Nivelle Nights map DLC this coming June. All "Battlefield 1" players in a multiplayer party with a Premium Pass member will now be able to enjoy the map DLC for free when it launches in June.

Additionally, YouTube's Col. Squirrel has already made a Youtube video about a walkthrough of the upcoming multiplayer map, the Nivelle Nights map DLC. EA DICE's first-person shooter game "Battlefield 1" is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Watch the video below to learn more about the upcoming Nivelle Nights map DLC:

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