'Battlefield 1' Gets Big On Nordic, EA DICE Not Happy With New Dynamite Trick, Might Address It On The Next Patch [VIDEO]

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EA Dice's widely popular first-person shooter game "Battlefield 1" is getting some big news this week. The prestigious Nordic Game Awards lists the first-person shooter game as one of the Game of the Year nominees.

This week, nominees have been announced for the prestigious 2017 Nordic Game Awards ahead of the Nordic Game Conference this coming May 18. The annual gaming event highlights some of the games made by developers from Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark, the Gamasutra reported.

Around 20 games are vying for the gaming awards in eight total categories this time around. Reports said that "Battlefield 1" might have a big chance here, grabbing nominations as many as five total categories. The full list of the Nordic nominees for each category can be at Gamasutra website, which made a nice coverage of the upcoming gaming event.

Niels Forsberg will be hosting the big gaming event, which will take place in Slagthuset in Malmo, Sweden. The Nordic Game Awards will take place at 18:00 hours and will be running from May 17 to May 19. This week marks the unveiling of the 2017 Nordic Game nominees.

In other gaming-related news, "Battlefield 1" players has just discovered a new dynamite trick that can cause massive damage. A YouTuber user who goes by the name of DANNYonPC has just come up with a clever solution, which said to make some C4 fans happy, the GameRant reported.

 According to GameRant, the dynamite trick is quite simple, it requires only some explosives, and in this case its the Anti-Tank mines. "Battlefield 1" players will need only to take a small vehicle like a motorbike or jeep and then smash through the item so that the explosives (the AT mines) fall straight down and essentially stick to the small vehicle.

As seen in the Youtube video below, "Battlefield 1" players will just simply speed towards the enemy stronghold, bail out of the small vehicle in the last minute. While the Youtube user DANNY has managed to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new dynamite trick, it's more than likely behavior that isn't something the game developer really wanted during the development process, so expect some big changes in the coming months.

Developed by EA DICE, "Battlefield 1" is the first main entry in the Battlefield game series. The game is currently available on Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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