Blizzard Announces Big News For 'Overwatch', Major Milestone & Big Presence In eSports; But Ends Uprising Event [VIDEO]

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"Overwatch" has just hit a major milestone this year. The widely popular team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game has now reached the 30 million registered this year, a huge achievement for a 12-month old game. Blizzard made the huge announcement this week.

The Irvine, California--based game developer has just announced to the gaming world this week its team-based team shooter game "Overwatch," has surpassed 30 million registered players since its launch in May 2016. The multiplayer shooter game has managed to get the big crowd's attention, thanks to the game's dynamic combat and amazing characters, the Cinema Blend reported.

Blizzard has made a great job of keeping the audience engaged by regularly updating "Overwatch." Blizzard has posted the big news on the official "Overwatch" Twitter account, announcing to the "Overwatch" community and gaming world that the shooter game had surpassed 30 million registered players.

However, Blizzard didn't provide additional information such as specific numbers about the platform, or the percentage of "Overwatch" players who downloaded the game when Blizzard announced its free-to-play "Overwatch" weekends.

Meanwhile, Blizzard continues to grow its presence in pro gaming by organizing its own official gaming tournaments. "Overwatch" League represent the first big step in Blizzard's eSports efforts. Just like the other traditional professional sports association, this competitive gaming organization will result in the creation of many "Overwatch" team based in various cities. More importantly, Blizzard's esport effort will help keep fans' interest for its first-person shooter game "Overwatch."

Last April, Stephens College made history when it officially announced the first all women's school with an eSports team. Stephen College's 12-player squad will start competing in collegiate "Overwatch" leagues, which run by Tespa, the collegiate eSports organization that also starts the "Heroes of the Dorm" series. For more about Blizzard's eSports effort, check out "Overwatch" League official website.

In other Overwatch-related news, the game's latest seasonal event, Uprising, is now coming to an end. The big gaming "Overwatch" event ends on May 1 in the US, the GameSpot reported.

The Uprising event has been running for almost a month in "Overwatch" across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC since early April. Blizzard has not yet announced any follow-up to the Uprising event or not even a clue about future seasonal events.

Watch the "Overwatch" eSports Tournament and learn more.

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