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Nvidia Might Announce A Titan Xp Succesor As Early As 2018, Might Share New Details About Nvidia Volta On May [VIDEO]


GPU giant Nvidia is planning something big this year. The company is reportedly working on the new high-end GPU, the much-talked Nvidia Volta. Latest reports reveal that Volta might arrive in the third quarter of this year or early 2018.

Nvidia Volta, the high-end graphics cards that based on Pascal architecture, will reportedly make its debut on data center space and artificial intelligence products. The reason for this is that the margins for this market are much higher than those with the gaming space, the Fudzilla reported.

Fortunately, the Santa Clara-based company would not be launching Nvidia Volta alone. Nvidia will be bringing some company and it's the South Korean-based SK Hynix, which made a big news recently when it announced a new product destined for one of the Nvidia's major products.

The South Korean memory maker has just announced recently that it's planning to mass-produce its latest GDDR6 memory product and the product will be arriving on Nvidia's products. The target product will likely to be Nvidia's next high-end GPU based on the Volta architecture.

Hynix made the big news on April 23. Additionally, it also revealed to the world that its upcoming GDDR6 memory product would be the industry's fastest 8GB graphics DRA, with an I/O data rate of over 16Gbps per pin. But the biggest story at this time is the leaked information about Volta release date. In the released press release, the South Korean company has accidentally leaked, what would be the most likely release date for the new Volta-based GPU.

Right now, all eyes are pointed to Nvidia Volta, waiting for the new details to come out. Some publications pointed out that the much-awaited Nvidia Volta might arrive sometime in 2018 along with the Hynix's GDDR6. But some have reported that the Volta based GPU would probably arrive before the end of summer, or in the third quarter of this year. The crowd will likely to hear the first details about Nvidia Volta, probably in the second week of May, according to Fudzilla.

Meanwhile, Ashraf Eassa, a renowned technology specialist, and analyst made some thorough analysis works on Nvidia. The analyst is well-known in the tech circle when it comes to tracking and making analysis works about big-names tech companies, which AMD, Intel, Nvidia and more. And today, Eassa is making another work for the GPU giant Nvidia, where he explained that Nvidia might be planning a Titan Xp successor for as early as 2018, the Motley Fool reported.

According to the analyst, if the crowd assume that the high-end GPU that the SK Hynix has mentioned earlier is the Volta-architecture-based successor to GP102, then it stands to reason that the Santa Clara-based GPU giant maybe planning some successor to the Nvidia Titan Xp or possibly to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The closest or the most likely launch date for this new GPU will be on 2018.

The company has already released a version of its Pascal-architecture based GPU (GP102), the Nvidia Titan X in July 2016. This has been followed by the much faster and more budget-oriented version of GP102, which marketed as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, last March.

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