Microsoft Azure Is Now The Software Giant's New Money-Making Machine, Azure To Join Forces With Red Hat On May [VIDEO]


Microsoft continued to see strong growth this year. Leading the big charge will be the company's cloud computing service, Microsoft Azure. Revenue from the company's cloud division has reportedly increased by 93 percent, making Azure the new money-making machine.

The Redmond-based software company last week reported its earnings for the third quarter of 2017 (fiscal year). Microsoft has reported a strong quarter, a revenue of $23.6 billion (non-GAAP). However, the company has slightly missed out the Wall Street's estimate of $23.62 billion.

The software giant's continued growth is reportedly led by its cloud and productivity businesses. Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365 saw the biggest revenue growth driver for this year for Microsoft, The Register reported.

The cloud computing service is growing fast, with no sign of slowing down. In the first quarter of the fiscal year 2017, the company reported that cloud revenues were up by almost 116 percent, while in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2017, it slightly dropped, around 93 percent.

The massive growth came from the Intelligent Cloud Division, which is home to the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. Additionally, the company's commercial cloud business has made an annual run rate of $15.2 billion.

However, that whopping $15.2 billion figure also includes the company's cloud-based productivity software Microsoft Office 365. Some analyst said that Microsoft Azure is just a part of that big equation and that Microsoft Office 365 is actually the main revenue driver for Microsoft Azure's cloud revenue.

But the real highlight of the Microsoft's third quarter conference call was not the massive figures. It's actually about the Microsoft Azure, how the company's cloud computing service has managed to nail the hybrid deployment and cloud migration game. In fact, according to CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft is now one of the few traditional tech companies that can grow on-premise sales and cloud.

In other Microsoft Azure-related story, Microsoft this week made a huge announcement on the Microsoft Azure Official Twitter account, inviting everyone for the upcoming Microsoft event at Red Hat Summit this coming first week of May.

In the coming IT event, Microsoft will be teaming up with an industry's leading open source firm Red Hat in some discussion about Integrated Support. Some of the big highlights of the said event will include the software company's Azure Product Portfolio and Roadmap. Microsoft also announced that it will share an overview of how the users can use Red Hat Products on Microsoft Azure using the two known options: Cloud Access or On-Demand.

In addition, Microsoft will also present a troubleshooting demo which will include a deep-dive on lessons that being discussed. It will also share customer feedback, explore trends and provide best practices for using Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Microsoft said.

Finally, Microsoft believes that after attending the Integrated Support session, users will now understand Integrated Support and what that means for the customers. The lesson learned will help them share best practices and trends for using Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Microsoft Azure.

The Microsoft and Red Hat Integrated Support session will take this coming May 4, 2017, from 10:15 to 11:00 a.m. Abirami Iyer, Senior Support Planner for Microsoft will be hosting the Microsoft event. Joining Microsoft will be Jennifer Anderson, a Senior Partner Success Manager for Red Hat.

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