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'Dark Souls 3' Enter The Final Stage, Bandai Namco Makes Its Farewell, But Will Return Next Week For Big Reveal [VIDEO]


This week, publisher Bandai Namco and developer From Software have finally released the final patch for their action role-playing game, "Dark Souls 3." The two are set to close the final chapter of the book for the Dark Souls game series.

Bandai Namco and From Software have successfully released the Patch 1.13, the final update for the critically-acclaimed action role-playing game "Dark Souls 3." The final update has brought in various bug fixes along with some improvements.

But the real highlight of the final update is the fan-requested flat arena, much known as the Round Plaza in the Dark Souls universe. Additionally, the developer has also released images of this update via Dark Souls Facebook fan page to show to the world just how this new Undead Match setting differs from the ones already in the game. But before they can download the latest patch, "Dark Souls 3" players will need to have either the "Ashes of Ariandel" or "The Ringed City" DLC first in order to get the much-talked new Round Plaza arena.

As for the bug fixes included in the latest patch, "Dark Souls 3" players will now be happy for this big news. Players can no longer invade hosts while they are in the middle of a boss fight. Additionally, the bug fixes include in the latest patch also ensures that Dark Souls players will no longer be able to use items tat have been designated as disabled in the game setting. For more about the latest pat5ch, check out the patch notes posted at "Dark Souls 3" Subreddit.

Meanwhile, "Dark Souls 3" game publisher Bandai Namco this week released a mysterious teaser trailer to its Youtube channel. The teaser trailer is an animation inspired by a project currently in the works and slated for full reveal this coming April 20, the IGN reported.

The teaser, which highlights the hashtag #PrepareToDine," is said to be an obvious nod to the tagline "Prepare to Die" made famous by developer From Software on Dark Souls game series. The hashtag is an obvious allusion to the Dark Souls series, which said to be the first one to use the tagline "Prepare to die" in its own game branding.

The first Dark Souls game is also called the Prepare to Die Edition, even more, intriguing is that in the final part of the "Dark Souls 3," there's a phrase that reads "let the feast begin." Fans have been fascinated by this strange yet very familiar phrase "prepare to die". Fans are reportedly working hard trying to decipher this strange phrase and find out what it really means.

However, the teaser's tagline is not the only nod to From Software's Dark Souls legacy. The animated gothic style also shares some similarities with another action role-playing game Bloodborne, which also developed by From Software.

The action RPG Bloodborne was a huge hit for FromSoftware, so it really makes sense for the developer to revisit that universe. And in the mysterious Youtube teaser, the crowd see some very Bloodborne-y imagery, including men turning into beasts and more.

However, there's one big twist here, Sony currently owns the Bloodborne IP. But that does not stop Bandai Namco from developing something new, it can do creative perhaps teamed up with From Software to develop something new. The two companies have already done this with the Dark Souls games series.

For now, it still unclear what's Bandai Namco working with. Bandai Namco and From Software has already released the final DLC expansion for the action RPG "Dark Souls 3." It's now set to close the book on the Dark Souls game series. The fans would learn more about the mysterious trailer this coming April 20, Bandai Namco's target reveals day for its next project. Stay tuned folks.

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