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Bungie To Share New Details About 'Destiny2' On May, But Has Not Provide Much Info About The Sequel's Classes [VIDEO]


Bungie has just released the latest "Destiny 2" release news this week, following the release of an update to the "Age of Triumph" (AoT) event. And this week, Bungie is reportedly working on another big livestream event, which slated this coming May. Bungie is expected to release sequel's release news in waves, ahead of the game's official launch date.

Bungie is teasing a new trailer livestream following the Age of Triumph event. The said new livestream will focus on gameplay and the updates for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. After the livestream, there will be a "Destiny 2" Beta release in September, The Express reported.

But before the big launch event on September, Bungie is said to focus first on their upcoming May livestream. According to multiple online sources, the Destiny developer is planning to share new details about "Destiny 2" very soon, meaning Destiny fans will be expecting another big news dropping anytime or at the end of the Age of Triumph event.

Meanwhile, the debate is still hot about new "Destiny 2" classes and sub-classes, but what exactly Bungie planning for the sequel. Bungie did release some details about the "Destiny 2": class and subclasses, and hinted that the three classes from the original Destiny game will make an appearance in the upcoming "Destiny 2." These include the Hunter, Titan and last, the Warlock.

However, the recent statement that being shared by Bungie doesn't directly reveal anything or simply doesn't provides much information about the game's classes. But Bungie does suggest that the much-talked Guardians will discover devastating new combat abilities and confirmed that there will be new sub-classes in addition to existing sub-classes.

In other Destiny-related news, reports said that the upcoming space adventure game "Destiny 2" might be offering some brand new kind of ship, much different than what the original Destiny game already offered. A Reddit user who goes by the name ZeroDerge recently posted a message that the new kind of Destiny ship has been on display on the "Beta Access" picture for "Destiny 2," The GamingBolt.reported.

Bungie is no longer stranger when it comes to teasing a brand new ship. Bungie has already done this in the past in the original Destiny game where it teased a new ship class with its "Beta Access" poster.

Bungie's first tease in the original Destiny game has ended up turning out a new spaceship, which they called Phaeton Class ship. This means only one thing, Bungie might try it again and tease another brand new spaceship.

Bungie's upcoming online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game "Destiny 2" is slated for release this coming September on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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