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Apr 19, 2017 12:10 PM EDT

EA DICE's Latest Patch To Bring Huge Improvements On 'Battlefield 1', Smoke Grenade Now A Crucial Tool In The Game [VIDEO]


"Battlefield 1" is getting another major update. EA DICE this week released another burst of an update for the studio's first-person shooter game. The latest CTE patch will bring significant improvements on weapons and vehicles. DICE made the big announcement this week.

EA DICE is releasing another patch which will focus not only on improving weapons but also the netcode and server-side hit-detection. However, there's one big problem, not everything included in the patch for CTE will be made available for the main "Battlefield 1" game.

DICE's latest patch some improvements on the game's vehicles and weapon systems. As mentioned earlier by PVP Live, sniper rifles will no longer have any problems or issue with cocking pieces and zooming in the targets. DICE also applies some changes to the M1903 Experimental Trigger, which has been increased to match They Shall Not Pass changes for ROF.

In addition, there will also some delay on grenade throwing and the supply of the explosives will be shorter than before. DICE's latest patch also removes key issue such as the issue about "Battlefield 1" players exiting the St. Chamond tank. In the latest patch, the first-person camera will reset every time the player leave the tank. Another one is the AA canon blast damage will bring more firepower and damage to different planes.

Other improvements made for "Battlefield 1" include some improvements on controls. Here, players will now experience an improved CTE. The latest patch also will provide better netcode for a harmonious online connection in "Battlefield 1." More importantly, it addressed jitter problems every time a spectator watches.

Additionally, ping has also been replaced with Latency as seen on scoreboards, with DICE issuing penalty for a player who pings over 100 ms. The server-side hit-detection will also be added in the game, this will know when players saw an icon in the upper right corner.

Finally, the latest update will also prioritize hit information along with some improvement in the algorithm to avoid lagging in the game. For a full detailed list of the improvements made along with some important bug fixes, check Out PVP Live website.

But the biggest announcement this week is not about the latest update and bug fixes, it's the upcoming Platoon System, which will be launched this coming spring. The Platoons System, which will be included in the upcoming Spring Update, will allow "Battlefield 1" players to organize and join forces with friends. Details about the much-talked Platoon System were not yet revealed, but expect the new feature to align with teamwork and group collaboration.

In other gaming-related news, "Battlefield 1" has one underused weapon that making a big help for players. A recent Reddit post, claims the many benefits and uses of smoke grenades, the PC Gamer reported.

The canister-type grenade, which used often as a signaling device and marking device, is now being used heavily by the "Battlefield 1" players as a more effective way to cover their movements during assault and rescue operations. It's now becoming a crucial tool in the "Battlefield 1."

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