EA DICE Gets Some Big 'Battlefield 1' News, Spring Update Arrived And More Details About 'Battlefield' Calendar [VIDEO]


"Battlefield 1" fans is about to get some big news this week. Game developer EA DICE has finally released to the wild the game's much-awaited Spring Update. EA DICE made the big announcement this week, Spring Update is now live.

EA DICE's next big free update, the Spring Update, has finally arrived on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The Spring Update adds the much-talked Platoons along with server administration features, new weapon variants, and a host of bug fixes and balance adjustments, IGN reported.

Platoons, which first introduced in "Battlefield 3," are meant to bring a stronger and more organized gaming experience, much like in the real battlefield. In the newly added Platoons, members can now be assigned different ranks, each with different levels of control over the platoon. "Battlefield 1" players can join up to 10 platoons, which each platoon limited to 100 members only.

Another changes made is on the Server administration, where features have been expanded based on player feedback. Additionally, Server admins will now be able to grant admin rights to other "Battlefield 1" players, enable a password, and even set the number of players required before pre-round ends.

Aside from the new Server administration features, the Ribbon system, which first introduced in the game's Winter Update, gets 19 new Ribbons, and five new Dog Tags are now available to earn. Other changes made in the newly released Spring Update include bugs fixes, some balance adjustments and adjustments to maps (like changing the size and positioning of some flags).

As reported by multiple sources, "Battlefield 1" will get monthly updates, starting on May. The update that will be coming in May will focus on "streamlining the flow into matches and improving much gameplay that will make the action feel more balanced and fair. "Battlefield 1" players can check out the full patch notes in the "Battlefield" website.

In another gaming-related news, EA DICE is about to celebrate the "Battlefield 1" Spring Update with another round of Premium friends. In the official Twitter account of "Battlefield 1," EA DICE made the huge announcement, announcing the game's Spring Update Celebration along with attached link.

The attached link will take "Battlefield 1" players to the Battlefield Calendar page, where it players can get the latest details on upcoming Battlefield in-game events like Free Trials, 2XP, Missions and more. Players can even check the open letter from the game producer to learn more about the game.

As for the "Battlefield 1" Premium Friends, starting April 27 to May 4, "Battlefield 1" player who already owns Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will now be able to bring their friends in the first-person shooter game to try the new maps.

Then, there's the "Battlefield 1" Squad XP Boost, which said to start from April 25 to May 2. Here, players can play and receive an XP Boost to use while playing in a squad.

In addition to the "Battlefield 1" Premium Friends, EA DICE has also added the Battlepack Revision 29. Starting April 27, "Battlefield 1" players will now be able to log in and check the newly added Weapons and Vehicle Skins that have been made available on Battlepack Revision 29.

For more about Battlepack Revision, check out the "Battlefield" website.

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