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‘Apple Video-Sharing App’: Something Extra-Ordinary that Will Make Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter Obsolete? Here’s Why!


The newest Apple social networking app might make Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter obsolete. The Cupertino-based tech giant is determined enough to surpassed the popularity of the three giant social networks with their newest video-sharing app. If Apple will be successful in marrying their technology with the app, users will surely ditch out their Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter accounts!

With social media as the newest trend for today's generation, the tech giant seeks to capitalize on its popularity. Apple is known for introducing out-of-the-box technology and an all-in-one concept of social networking app is expected. According to Bloomberg, the newest Apple video-sharing app will enable users to shoot, edit and upload videos in less than one minute. Simple video editing is the main goal of the app alongside the complete video editing tools. It aims to target the video-sharing app subscribers such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

Mac Rumors revealed the prototype design for the app. Based from the information they got from the people working for the app, the video will be recorded in an Instagram like square-shape. However, another information said that the unnamed app will be integrated in the built-in camera app in iOS.  According to the same source, Apple was reported to be working with another all-in-one social networking app before but it was never pushed through to launching. Though it is not yet confirmed, the upcoming video-sharing app will likely to be integrated on the mentioned social network platform.

On the other hand, Computer World predicted that Apple may not make it through to surpass the popularity of the other giant social network sites and concluded that Apple is too late to make a social impact. For them to be able to steal a post in the podium, Apple must come up with something that is extraordinary that will make people ditch their current social media accounts.

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