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Deep Space Travel Revealed To Be Hazardous To Astronauts' Hearts With Current Technology; May Explain Why NASA Never Returned To The Moon [VIDEO]

Jul 31, 2016 AM EDT It was revealed that astronauts whom traveled to the Moon were four times more likely to contract a cardiovascular disease than that of astronauts whose missions were only barely beyond the Earth's ...

SpaceX's Red Dragon Mission To Mars Would Cost $320 Million, NASA Confirms [VIDEO]

Jul 31, 2016 AM EDT SpaceX plans to send the unmanned spaceship, Red Dragon, to Mars as early as 2018. It was revealed during the NASA Advisory Council meeting that the mission would cost around $320 million.

iOS 9.2-iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Firmware Tweaks: Pangu Had Recently Released Compatibility List [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Jul 28, 2016 AM EDT Pangu Team, an iOS coding community, had just released an iOS 9.2 jailbreak firmware, up to the iOS 9.3.3 to all 64-bit Apple devices last week.

Tesla Pushes To Finish 'Gigafactory' Ahead Of Schedule In Time For Model 3 Launch

Jul 28, 2016 AM EDT Tesla Motors Inc. is pushing to finish its “Gigafactory” a few years ahead of schedule to accommodate the surge of demand for its highly anticipated sedan, the Tesla Model 3.

Cockroach Milk May Be The Next Hottest Superfood, Scientists Claim It Could Be A Healthy Alternative

Jul 27, 2016 AM EDT A group of scientists from the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Bengaluru, India have recently discovered that a particular species of cockroach harbors a certain type of ...

'Final Fantasy 7' Remake News Update: Square Enix Still Reluctant To Give A Specific Release Date, Game Wouldn't Be Made Available To The Nintendo NX [VIDEO]

Jul 27, 2016 AM EDT The anticipated game from Square Enix, the “Final Fantasy 7” remake, still doesn't have a specific release date for the next-generation consoles, but the game developers aren't planning to release ...

'Pokémon Go' Sets New App Store Record But Had Reached Its Peak, Apple Confirms

Jul 25, 2016 AM EDT “Pokémon Go” sets new App Store record for the most app downloads for its opening week, although the app may have reached its peak as numbers reveal that it is already in a decline.

Edward Snowden Makes A Surprise Appearance At The 'Snowden' Secret Comic-Con Screening; What Did The WikiLeaks Whistleblower Think Of The Film? [MINOR SPOILERS]

Jul 23, 2016 AM EDT Edward Snowden made a surprise appearance at the secret screening of Oliver Stone's film, “Snowden,” at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Facebook Successfully Conducts Test Flight Of Its Solar-Powered Internet Drone 'Aquilas,' Mark Zuckerberg Confirms [VIDEO]

Jul 22, 2016 AM EDT Facebook has recently conducted a successful test flight of its solar-powered Internet drone, “Aquilas,” on Thursday.

Star Wars Celebration In London: Gwendoline Christie Pays Tribute To Victims In Nice Following Attack On France's Bastille Day [VIDEO]

Jul 18, 2016 AM EDT During the “Star Wars Celebration” in London last Friday, actress Gwendoline Christie pays tribute to the victims of the attack on Nice, France on Bastille Day last week.

'Pokémon Go' Servers Goes Down For The Second Time, Hacker Group Claims Responsibility; A Worldwide Release Might Be Postponed

Jul 18, 2016 AM EDT “Pokémon Go” Servers apparently went down worldwide for the second time on Saturday. This time, a hacker group claims responsibility for temporarily halting players from accessing the game.

Invisibility Cloaks May Be On Its Way, New Material Invented With The Ability To Make Objects Disappear

Jul 16, 2016 AM EDT Researchers based in London have developed a new material that has been able to make test objects “disappear.”

More Fake Malicious 'Pokémon Go' Apps Surfaces Online; Some Locks User's Devices, Security Firm ESET Discovers

Jul 16, 2016 AM EDT More fake and malicious “Pokémon Go” apps have surfaced online, as discovered by the security firm, ESET.

'Street Fighter 5' DLC Announced Ahead Of EVO 2016, Profits Will Add To The Prize Pot; 9 Games Included In The Tournament [LIVE STREAM]

Jul 16, 2016 AM EDT Capcom announced that it will release a DLC for the “Street Fighter V” to go alongside this week's EVO 2016 fighting game tournament. Profits from the $25 DLC would add to the Capcom Pro Tour's ...

Nintendo Brings Back A Classic With Mini-NES, Comes With 30 Games [VIDEO]

Jul 15, 2016 AM EDT Nintendo announces it will bring back the classic console in a small package with the release of Mini-NES. It comes with 30 classic games, which includes “Super Mario Bros.”

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