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Twitter, Vine Are Set To Allow Users To Upload Longer Videos


Twitter and Vine are set to launch another feature, which allows users to upload longer videos.

Vine had announced that it is on the process of testing out the new feature, which allows users to upload videos as long as 140 seconds, which was from the previous limit of 6 seconds, Independent reported.

Although Vine users will still have access to the 6-second video feature, but now content creators are allowed to have an option post a longer version of the video, instead of redirecting their audiences to either Instagram of YouTube, which was previously the trend.

Twitter is also set to launch its new video feature that raises the maximum length of videos allowed to be posted on its website. The previous limit was just at 30 seconds, and with the current update, users can now have a maximum of 140 seconds, according to Twitter's blog post.

Analysts predict that Twitter aims to boost its presence by focusing on developing its video feature to compete against social media giants. Twitter plans to launch its new feature along with the current update, which will be made available to everyone.

Meanwhile, Vine would roll out the new feature steadily, with only a selected group of users would get to test out the new limit. Twitter had stated that it was due to testing purposes as it has yet to estimate the impact of the new limit is going to make, according to Fortune.

Vine plans to let the selected users to monetise on their videos, rather than directing its audiences to other online video platforms.

This may have been on Twitter's sights for a few years now, since its acquisition of Vine back in 2012. It may have been a move to counter YouTube's dominance over the online video streaming platform.

Vine has come to be known as the site to roll out video content seamlessly with its then-unconventional 6-second video limit. It now boasts 200 million monthly active members, with 100 million views on Vine videos each month.

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